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    Ongoing opportunity:<BR><BR>We are looking for a proficient Classic ASP/.NET programmer who is interested in modifying and enhancing a subsidiary website for a globally recognized company. Work will be performed on a sub-contract basis.<BR><BR>Anyone expressing interest must be a US Citizen or hold a green card, live in the US, be willing to sign a security agreement and be willing to sign an associate protocol agreement. The job will require that the developer be available during regular working hours if a problem arises or to speak with the client. However, the majority of the work can be done in the evenings or over weekends.<BR><BR>Using past experience as a guide this relationship should be worth $15k – $45k per year. So it isn’t a quit your current job opportunity. However, work will be on a per job basis and the time vs. pay ratio will be agreed and worthwhile.<BR><BR>The primary purpose of setting up a single relationship is to ensure that the developer understands the full workings of the site’s components, and is able to quickly make enhancements when necessary, without an initiation hurdle.<BR><BR>Interested persons should send email to<BR>

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    This should be posted in the Jobs forum, really.<BR><BR>

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