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    Kempen Marais Guest

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    I&#039m trying to use a component that implements multiple interfaces from ASP and the interface I want is not the default interface. Is this even possible? <BR>Here is a scenario.... I have a ActiveX DLL (myDLL) with a single class (clsTest) written in VB 6 that implements 2 custom interfaces (IScriptTest1 & IScriptTest2). In VB I would code <BR>Dim obj as IScript1 &#039Interface reference<BR>Set obj = New myDll.clsTest &#039create instance<BR>obj.SomeMethod &#039call method<BR><BR>In ASP I write <BR>Set obj = Server.CreateObject("myDll.clsTest") <BR><BR>But then I do not have access to the functions implemented under the interfaces. I get the default VB created interface which has no methods in it. How can I get access to my object in ASP? If I create an ActiveX DLL using interfaces can I only use it from VB or some environment that permits early binding? <BR><BR>Any help will be welcome.

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    Kempen Marais Guest

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    After some research I am able to answer my own question for all who are interested. ASP is typeless ( all variables are variants ), and it does not supprt early binding. There is no way in ASP to get anything other than the components default interface. Component design for ASP ( all late bound clients ) needs to be take this into account. Instead of one object supporting multiple interfaces, you will need to have multiple objects, one for each interface.

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