&#060;flame&#062;<BR>I have been developing dot net stuff now for quite a while. I have to flame at the fact that I have spent nearly a week trying to get a visual basic (.net) application to run on our primary domain controller and it just won&#039;t, no errors, nothing. I have the latest version of the framework installed and it should run. I have spent ages working around the issues with security and i still haven&#039;t got a solution. I am totally fed up with Microsofts lame attempt at application and resource security. It&#039;s LAME. What is even lamer is that when i went to the MS site to update the generic windows components, using "windows update", I was further enraged at the fact that the new version of windows update is totally full of bugs. I really feel like screaming now.<BR><BR>There&#039;s also no one who knows anything about my problem. No one who has the slightest idea of what I&#039;m even trying to get at. No forums, message boards, support lines, developer friends, no one has a bloddy clue what the problem is!!!! <BR><BR>PLEASE: If there is a GOD come and fix this dot net crap for me.<BR>&#060;/flame&#062;<BR><BR>Jonny Tooze