When I first wrong this code i only used the first four in the array. It worked fine, so i went on and added the rest of the array values. But now only the first four will work... It doesnt make scence........is my computer caching it or something.<BR><BR>It is recognising that the incoming request.form values are ON. but it wont asign the values from the outgoing array. <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>Option Explicit<BR>Dim Counter<BR><BR><BR>Dim incoming(10)<BR>dim outgoing(10)<BR><BR><BR><BR>Dim Location1, Location2, Location3, Location4, Location5, Loc, Cool<BR><BR>incoming(0) = request.form("QLDALL")<BR>incoming(1) = request.form("QLDBRISBANE")<BR>incoming(2) = request.form("QLDGOLDCOAST")<BR>incoming(3) = request.form("QLDSUNSHINECOAST")<BR>incoming(4) = request.form("QLDBUNDABERGE")<BR>incoming(5) = request.form("QLDGLADSTONE")<BR>incoming(6) = request.form("QLDMACKEY")<BR>incoming(7) = request.form("QLDTOWNSVILLE")<BR>incoming(8) = request.form("QLDCAIRNS")<BR>incoming(9) = request.form("QLDOUTBACK")<BR><BR><BR><BR>outgoing (0) = "Queensland"<BR>outgoing(1) = "Brisbane"<BR>outgoing(2) = "Gold Coast"<BR>outgoing(3) = "Sunshine Coast"<BR>outgoing(4) = "Bundaberge"<BR>outgoing(5) = "Gladstone"<BR>outgoing(6) = "Mackey"<BR>outgoing(7) = "Townsville"<BR>outgoing(8) = "Cairns"<BR>outgoing(9) = "Outback"<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>counter = 0<BR>loc = 0<BR><BR><BR>For cool = 1 to 10<BR> <BR> If incoming(loc) = "ON" then<BR> Response.write incoming(loc)<BR> incoming(loc) = outgoing(loc)<BR> <BR> <BR> Select Case Counter<BR> Case 0<BR> Location1 = incoming(loc)<BR> Counter = 1<BR> Case 1<BR> Location2 = incoming(loc)<BR> Counter = 2<BR> Case 2<BR> Location3 = incoming(loc)<BR> Counter = 3<BR> Case 3<BR> Location4 = incoming(loc)<BR> Counter = 4<BR> End Select<BR> <BR> End if<BR> <BR> <BR> loc = loc + 1<BR> cool = cool + 1<BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> Next <BR><BR>incoming(10) = 0<BR>outgoing(10) = 0<BR><BR> <BR> Response.write (Location1)<BR> Response.write (Location2)<BR> Response.write (Location3)<BR> Response.write (Location4)<BR> <BR> Response.write (counter)<BR> <BR> <BR> %&#062;<BR> <BR>