My intranet site runs on a win2k server and I&#039;ve setup file permissions to only allow certain groups of users within our domain to access it.<BR><BR>I have now changed my default pages so that there is an option to request access to the rest of the site, i.e. to email someone to ask to be added to the groups I&#039;ve setup.<BR><BR>Question is what permissions do I have to define to allow everyone access to those pages?<BR><BR>So far I have..<BR>1) on the web root folder given Everyone "List folder contents access"<BR>2) on my default pages default.htm and 3 or four asp files given Everyone "Read" and "Read & Execute" permissions<BR><BR><BR>Now the default .htm seems to load but then it redirects straightaway to an asp file at which point, the user gets the autehntication dialogue box displayed because the site thinks they don&#039;t have access to the asp file...but they should have, because it has the same security as the htm file...cancel the dialogue just displays "Error:Access Denied"<BR><BR>weird - anyone any ideas?