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    Anybody been here before? I've written an ASP page to prompt for certain report parameters, and then send these to a Crystal Report (within Crystal Enterprise 8.5). The prompts include drop-downs which are populated dynamically from an Oracle 8.1.7 database. Some of the data displayed are date fields. While the date fields display OK on the screen, when I pass the selected dates to Crystal Enterprise it picks them up as either null or zero. Tell me I'm missing something obvious please?

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    have you set the correct type number to date ?<BR><BR>&#039; Param Field Type VBScript Call Type Number<BR>&#039;<BR>&#039; NumberField CDbl 7<BR>&#039; CurrencyField CDbl 8<BR>&#039; Boolean CBool 9<BR>&#039; DateField CDate 10<BR>&#039; StringField CStr 12<BR><BR>so,<BR>Call Myparam.SetCurrentValue(CStr(NewParamValue), 10)

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