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    I&#039;ve been working on and using this script with no problems. I haven&#039;t changed anything and suddenly, pages that were fine are now getting:<BR><BR>An exception occurred: &#039;CreateObject&#039;<BR><BR>on the "" line (this is every page I have this line)<BR>strsql = "SELECT * from messages where ID =" & Request.QueryString("uid") & ""<BR>Set RS = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB.Recordset")<BR> strsql, canvasDB, adOpenStatic, adLockReadOnly, adCmdText

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    Default Hmm, interesting.

    Haven&#039;t changed anything? If nothing&#039;s changed on the server as well, then you have a bone fide mystery :)<BR><BR>Something&#039;s changed. Either in the pages, or on the server.<BR><BR>Either way, I don&#039;t like that error - "Exception occurred: CreateObject". Sounds quite fatal.<BR><BR>Does the same script run on a different IIS instance (i.e. set up a new website in IIS and point it to the same code)? Then I would go down the usual MDAC re-installation route (<BR><BR>Aside from that, I&#039;m pretty stumped. Seems rather strange. I&#039;ll have a search.<BR><BR>Google doesn&#039;t have much to say, either: urred%3A+%27CreateObject%27%22<BR><BR>Craig.

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