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    I hope someone can help me. I&#039;m having trouble getting my IIS Application to run independantly without VB. <BR><BR>It should be using the DLL to carry out all its back end functionality, but it will only run when the VB project is open and running! I&#039;m at the point of deployment for this project, but it won&#039;t run independantly without VB! I&#039;m using VB6 on a Windows 2000 machine.<BR><BR>This is the error I get when the vb is NOT running: <BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01AD) <BR>ActiveX component can&#039;t create object <BR>/ColtParis/wcColtParis.asp, line 13 <BR><BR>It must be relative to how my machine is set up with IIS, but I can&#039;t figure it out. <BR><BR>The DLL is in the same web folder as the WcProjectName.ASP page created by VB. I have registered the DLL on my machine using regsvr32 but to no avail. <BR><BR>Hope you can help! <BR>Thanks! <BR>

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    Default ** Crosspost. Answered in Q&A.

    Please see FAQ #110.<BR><BR>(Yeah, I know this has been shouted from the roof-tops, but people in this form might not know.)

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