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    Whew, I hope this makes sense.<BR>I have a main form that opens a popup search form, the results of the search are loaded in a hidden listbox on the main page and take several minutes to populate. I need to then pass the line items to the popup window.<BR><BR>this.winRef ="./MemberSearchPopUp.asp","","...");<BR>this.winRef.f ocus(); <BR>parent.document.searchWindow = this.winRef;<BR>

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    parent means a parent &#060;FRAMESET&#062; *only*.<BR><BR>opener refers to the window that opened a given popup.<BR><BR>opener.document.searchWindow = this.winRef;

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    How do you close the popup window, and load the search result into your main window? I am trying to do the same thing using javascript. For some reason it closed the popup window, and open the same popup window in different browser, and the main windown isn&#039;t focus. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on this?<BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Tam

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