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    Does anyone know how to get the JMail component to send email on a port other than 25?<BR><BR>I need to send on a different port because I have an anti virus program that "listens" to port 25, and redirects the filtered data to another port.<BR><BR>JMail&#039;s authors Dimac, have not responded to support questions from me dating back to April!<BR><BR>Thanks for any help.

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    Default Port issues in jmail

    In case this is still an issue, you can simply put a colon and then the port number,

    e.g. if you wanted to send it to port 2525 instead of

    emailObj.send ""

    do this

    emailObj.send ""

    I believe you can put multiple domains (separated by and authentication in there too <username>:<password>@<servername>:<port>, but I haven't testing those.

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