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    Default ASP grid output.

    I am using your product version 2.0 using ASP to produce a scheduling application. Are there any capabilities to produce a schedule in your app?<BR><BR>it would need to look like this<BR><BR>data day of the week and time<BR>Monday Tues<BR>8 9 10 11 12 8 9 10 <BR>bio x x <BR>chem x x x x <BR><BR>Hopefully a grid would work, but I would like to ultimately produce a graph of the data spanning time frames. <BR><BR>

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    "Your product"? Which exact product is this? As far as I know, hasn&#039;t produced any product, neither has<BR><BR>So maybe you could elaborate on exactly WHAT you&#039;re using, and why it sounds like homework.<BR><BR>Craig.

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