HELP! DBO Owner problems after site move!

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Thread: HELP! DBO Owner problems after site move!

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    Nannette Thacker Guest

    Default HELP! DBO Owner problems after site move!

    Help! I moved my site from one service provider to another and they also moved my database. However, the individual that moved my database did it under HIS login, not mine, and now when I try to edit the table data structure via Interdev&#039s design mode, it says that I don&#039t have permission to edit the database as I&#039m not the DBO.<BR><BR>And apparently, they don&#039t know how to change the owner of the database. How is this done so I can tell them how to change it?<BR><BR>They&#039re talking about having me contact my previous provider and moving it again, however, that was 114 members ago and I&#039ll lose all the new members.<BR><BR>Please respond to as well.<BR><BR>thanks! Nannette

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    Leungas Guest

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    Try to add yourself back to the administrator group of the SQL database. Or use the grant statement to allow you to add drop update and all other commands to the database...<BR><BR>Hope this help you out.

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