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    I have a form that has about 50 tick boxes on it. Only five can be checked.<BR><BR>so on the page where im posting to i receive all the tick box results and if any of them have the value ON then a varaible gets asigned a particular value.<BR><BR>I only have five variables, from here they will go into an sql string to be executed.<BR><BR>How do I do it? <BR><BR>The thing I cant seem to grasp is the order at which it happens because the first variable might have been taken already so how do i say if the first is not taken asign it to the next variable..etc..........Ive tried a combination of for loops select case statements and if statements ......... but im thinking this is to complicated :) there must be something simple ive over looked surely I dont have to go on this complicated trip;.<BR><BR>

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    What do the tickboxes represent (in terms of the database) and how do you need to use them in your query?

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