Back when ASP.NET was in Beta, the ASP.NET team decided that while Visual Studio .NET was a great overall development tool, it had three inhibiting drawbacks: <BR><BR> 1.) Its size, <BR> 2.) Its cost, and <BR> 3.) Its "do everything" nature <BR><BR>If you&#039;ve used Visual Studio .NET you know that it has an imposing memory footprint, file size, and price tag. In order to combat these problems of Visual Studio .NET, the ASP.NET team set out to create a new developer tool, one that was geared solely for the ASP.NET developer. This tool, the team decided, must be small, agile, great at what it does, and inexpensive. Today (June 17th, 2002), the ASP.NET team has released their tool to the public. This tool, which is still in Beta testing, is called the ASP.NET Web Matrix Project.<BR><BR>Read more about Matrix:<BR><BR><BR>Download Matrix (you need to have the .NET Framework installed on the machine(s) you plan on installing Matrix to):<BR><BR><BR>Read a free book from Wrox on Matrix (warning: it&#039;s a 1.5 MB PDF file):<BR><BR><BR>You can see some screenshots of Matrix at:<BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming!<BR>