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    I have a database hosted on a server that is updated by users on the web. My problem is that employees in the office at times need to access this database to make changes and updates themselves.(They do this by opening up the db via Frontpage). The problem is that if while an employee has the db open a web user updates a record, then when the employee closes the db they are notified that a more recent copy of the db has been saved to the server(by the web user). So the employee either has to either overwrite what the web user updated or not save the work they have just done.<BR><BR>This presents problems for me. Are there ways to fix this? How do companies in the field deal with an issue like this?

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    See if you can lock out the employees from accessing the data base using Frontpage. Then make them update the databases like all the others. Or write a page specaily for them to make changes.

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