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    I want to count my records from my access database, but the <BR>&#060;%response.write rs.RecordCount&#037;&#062; always show "-1"<BR>What`s wrong?<BR>Thanks

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    This question has already been answered. See:<BR>

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    Ok, I found in Peter Norton&#039s Visial Basic 6.0 (book) an explanation that .RecordCount might return funny number if you are using ADO version prior ADO 2.0.<BR><BR>I suggest you upgrade your system. Remember old ADO is not Y2K compatible! Anyway, you can use following VB procedure for determeninig RecordCount:<BR><BR>With rs<BR> .MoveFirst<BR> If not .EOF And Not .BOF Then<BR> If .RecordCount = - 1 Then<BR> intRecordCount = 0<BR> Do<BR> intRecordCount = intRecordCount + 1<BR> .MoveNext<BR> Loop Until .EOF<BR> Else<BR> intRecordCount = .RecordCount<BR> End If<BR> End If<BR>End With<BR><BR>Latter use:<BR><BR>&#060;%response.write intRecordCount&#037;&#062;<BR><BR>Hope this would be helpful.<BR>

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