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Thread: change "General Date" to "Short Date" Format

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    Default change "General Date" to "Short Date" Format

    Hope someone can help. <BR><BR>Is there a way to change Microsoft 97 Access database "General Date" to "Short Date" format through ASP using Visual Basic Language? <BR><BR>I would like to change the format because I would like to sort only by the "DATE" versus "DATE & TIME". <BR><BR>Example: Toys Tabel with column (datetime_inv, person_inv, year) <BR><BR>datetime_inv****************person_inv**** *******year <BR>14/16/2002 4:31:59 PM********BOB*****************1997 <BR>14/16/2002 1:15:00 PM********Carl****************1998 <BR>14/16/2002 12:01:00 PM*******Alice***************2000 <BR><BR>using sql=select * from Toys ORDER BY datetime_inv, person_inv <BR>I would like to sort only by the date versus date&time. <BR><BR>The result I would like is: <BR><BR>14/16/2002 PM*******Alice***************2000 <BR>14/16/2002 PM********BOB*****************1997 <BR>14/16/2002 PM********Carl****************1998 <BR><BR><BR>If changing the date format is not possible, is there a way to sort based on date only? <BR><BR>Thanks for your time and help. <BR>

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    Default Use the Format function

    and order by that<BR><BR><BR>

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