I&#039;ve got an existing ASP.NET web application, using web forms. But... I&#039;d like to encapsulate the functionality in a web service, I think. I&#039;m not sure how useful this will be, since most functionality is actually already in SQL Server stored procedures. But I&#039;m going to be writing a desktop client using the same information and I&#039;d like to experiment with web services.<BR><BR>So my question is this: how should i arrange my directory structure on my webhosting? I&#039;m assuming that I would leave my .aspx pages in the root and put the webservice files in a /service folder, or something. Is this how others have done something like this? Or do I need to get a second domain name for my web service?<BR><BR>Also (as a side note), it seems like the entire webservice is written in one file. Is this true?