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    I have written some form code in a ASP program<BR>(&#060;FORM)Blah Blah ....Text boxes and all that (/FORM)<BR>When I view the page on my browser (using PWS) i am successful.<BR><BR>BUT I do not know how to -&#062; retrieve the data the user has <BR>selected .<BR><BR>What should I do ??<BR>Has this got to do anything with cgi-bin, ??<BR><BR>PLEASE HELP .....!!<BR><BR><BR>

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    On the response page<BR><BR>&#039&#039Dim your variables<BR>Dim MyVar<BR>MyVar=Request.form("FieldName")<BR>

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    Steve--<BR>I beg to differ....Dim your variables?! That is about 5 years behind the current trend...I find that actually brightening them helps a lot more than dimming them...:-) Just a little ASP humor!<BR><BR>Try this stite:<BR><BR><BR><BR>I find it very useful!<BR><BR>Stay cool!<BR><BR>Brad.

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