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    I read the faqs and saw the question about languages for and the "use your favorite" idea, but did not see Java on the list. Is this a "I Microsoft, You Java" issue or can we use java to write apps. Many of us in my area were/are classic asp dev's and got "pushed" in to the java revolution that took place with some of the major banking firms. I use VBscript in my asp and dont wnat to learn any more VB than I have to and if possible would prefer not to learn another language from scratch. Thoughts?

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    Default J#.NET

    Microsoft is working on J#.NET. Basically, it is supposed to be Java that works with .NET. I&#039;d be willing to guess that it&#039;s more like J++, where it wasn&#039;t REALLY Java, though. There&#039;s a beta download available, I believe. And if you get VS.NET, there&#039;s a form you can send in so that you get the release version of J#.NET when it is released.<BR><BR>

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