Could not open macro storage.

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Thread: Could not open macro storage.

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    Default Could not open macro storage.

    Error Type:<BR>Microsoft Word (0x800A175D)<BR>Could not open macro storage.<BR><BR>This is the error I get on the following line <BR><BR>Set WordApp = Server.CreateObject("word.application")<BR>Set WordDoc = WordApp.Documents.Open(Server.MapPath("../docs/"& strFileName)) &#060;-- on this line I get the error.<BR><BR>On my developing pc (with W2K, full Office XP and full Publischer XP) it works fine. But now I&#039;m configuring the webserver (with Advanced Server 2000), and I always get this error. I did a full install of Office XP and Publisher XP.<BR><BR>I don&#039;t know what to do anymore.<BR>If somebody could please help me...<BR><BR>Tnx in advanced

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    Default Here the solution.

    These is a common error with Word Automation.<BR>Below is an extract from an article I have submitted and which , hopefully , will be published here soon<BR><BR><BR>1/In order to make sure that script automation works, you may have to open MS Word, press ALT+F11 or go to tools/macro/VisualBasic Editor, open the editor, close it and reboot. <BR>This forces VBA to initialize itself, in case it had not before.<BR><BR>2/Your settings must allow the anonymous Internet user to access MSWord on the server. There is a good article on how to achieve this:<BR>;en-us;Q288367 . <BR>Make sure you read it! This part is critical to your success. Fortunatly the step-by-step instructions on this page are very easy to follow. <BR>The best is to create a MSWordUser group account and let IUSR be a member of it; alternatively you may set up Word so that it works with the interactive user (faster to set-up, but less safe). I have included this article in the zip file. <BR>Make sure you do this otherwise the script will not<BR>be able to open the object and will get the error "(0x800A175D) Could not open macro storage..."<BR><BR>eric--at--blanpain--dot--org

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