&nbsp;<BR>I have created an tlb File which has just the interfaces defined.<BR>For example <BR>Itest.tlb<BR>The Itest tlb has an interface called Getdata().<BR>I implement this tlb with a class dll<BR>say<BR>prjTest.clsTest<BR>The clsTest has got a method say GetData() whicj is used From the interface ITest.GetData()<BR><BR>I want to load from ASP this interface ITest<BR>And then while creating a the object.<BR>I want to use the tlb file to be used while creating the object<BR><BR>Something like<BR>CreateObject("prjTest.clsTest","Itest")<BR >Is this possible in asp .<BR>And if so how <BR>Thanks<BR> <BR> <BR>