New Thread.<BR>Using the code on this site to send email in an ASP.NET site I ran into an interesting problem that I believe is a configuration problem but Im not sure how to proceed. <BR><BR>The code works fine for English based text (UTF-8) but turns to nonsense with Japanese (Shift_jis or UTF-8 Encoding). <BR><BR>The server is a Win 2000 with ASP.NET 1.1 installed (upgraded version) I have exchange server 2000 installed and use the default smtp server.<BR><BR>My thoughts are that I can either:<BR>a) set the exchange server to allow transfer of Japanese based values somehow. But I dont have a clue how to do that<BR>b) there is a way to set the encoding for the email to allow Japanese Characters.<BR><BR>I have tried the second and have scoured the documentation but everything I try just dies on me. Not that Im trying too hard. Work smart not hard, right?<BR><BR>Any ideas would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>Fred<BR><BR>JapanFI RST