Can one of you experienced .NET programmers help a classic ASP guy with a tutorial on making a generic include file that can handle a Connection, Returning a read only recordset (yes I know), and running a write sql string? On my site we have an include file called DB_FUNCS that includes two public functions. Query(sqlstring) and AdvancedQuery(sqlstring). This allows us with a function call and passing a sql string to return a recordset quick and painless from any page as long as we include it.<BR><BR>Examples:<BR><BR>dim rs<BR>rs = Query("Select * from products where blah=&#039;12&#039;")<BR><BR>dim rs<BR>rs = QueryAdvanced("Insert into....")<BR><BR>Function Query<BR> If connection isnt open, open it.<BR> Open recordset<BR>End query<BR><BR>Function QueryAdvanced<BR> If connection isnt open, open it.<BR> Open recordset with locking scheme<BR>End Query<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!<BR><BR>-Terry