i can&#039;t figure out how to word this so i hope this will do....<BR><BR>problem:<BR> trying to see if a category name has been used for the same thread allready<BR><BR>table<BR> cat_ID <BR> thread_ID<BR> cat_Name<BR> cat_Parent<BR><BR>if all i have is a cat_Parent and a cat_Name how can I get the thread_ID or the cat_Parent and see if the name has allready been used anywhere in that thread yet? (with one sql statement)<BR><BR>ie...<BR>1-name1 <BR>2-name2<BR> 3-name3<BR><BR>if i send cat_Parent=2 and cat_Name=name3, how can I find out that "name3" has allready been used for that thread?<BR>