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    New to the world of stored procedures and need help achieving what must be simple basically my (failing) syntax is this:<BR>CREATE PROCEDURE LastUpdateStatus<BR>@status varchar<BR>AS <BR>SELECT dbo.LastSuccessfulAt.[DateTime], dbo.LastUpdatedAt.[DateTime]<BR>FROM dbo.LastSuccessfulAt, dbo.LastUpdatedAt<BR>GO<BR>if dbo.LastSuccessfulAt.[DateTime] = dbo.LastUpdatedAt.[DateTime]<BR>status = "OK"<BR>else<BR>status = "NOK"<BR><BR>...syntax error line 2 near status<BR><BR>Can someone lead me into the light please... also some URLS for learning SPs from basic through to conditional etc would be great...<BR><BR>jay<BR>

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    The keyword **GO** acts like the "end of file" you are not supposed to have anything after that.<BR><BR>Many links for SP help, to name a few<BR><BR>http://www.sqlteam.com/<BR>http://www.mssqlcity.com/<BR>http://www.sqlservercentral.com/<BR>

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