I&#039;m planning to make my single language website a dual language website. Three different approaches are described on http://stylusinc.com/website/multilanguage_support.htm, but I was thinking of doing it yet another way.<BR><BR>My idea is not to create separate HTML files for each language, but to convert all HTML files to ASP. By setting a querysting parameter, I can determine which language should be displayed on the client. Depending on the value, I return certain strings and ignore others.<BR><BR>The advantages are, in my opinion:<BR>- Single files, so the maintenance of the HTML code like tables, forms, etc. is easy.<BR>- No need to retrieve strings from (slow) database files.<BR>- It is easy to vary other content based on the selected language (e.g. pictures, advertising).<BR><BR>Are there any disadvantages? The ASP files will be larger and somewhat more difficult to read. I also expect that performance decreases a bit because interpreting VB script is slower than just forwarding a plain HTML file, but I hope it won&#039;t decrease dramatically.<BR><BR>Does anyone know a better solution? For example: is it possible to use ASP to generate pages for different languages only once (when changes are made to a page), in order to avoid real time interpreting again and again for each user. (just something that came into my mind)