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Thread: upload client to server -- intranet/permissions

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    i am trying to make a page for an intranet which will allow users to post files to a chosen directory. <BR><BR>ie...<BR>i can use a form to select and move a file on my computer to another computer on the intranet.<BR><BR>problem:<BR>the folder the files need to be put into is restricted to only my group (no other person outside the group has write or read permission). when i use a webpage on an intranet to upload a file to a differeent directory, will the upload use the permissions of the person uploading the file? no one else has rights to post to this folder but me. it it possable to insert a file into a folder with restrictions like this.<BR><BR>

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    Default You can't do it unless...

    you are either logged on as someone with write permissions to the folder or use code to impersonate an account that has the correct permissions (you&#039;d have to do this with a component - it&#039;s not possible with script). As an example, ASPUpload (http://www.aspupload.com ) has the ability to impersonate other accounts with its LogonUser and RevertToSelf methods.

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