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    Hello,<BR>I need some ideas on how to do this. Say I have<BR><BR>http://www.domain.com/product.asp?id=10&mode=view<BR><BR>and then I want to start using this format:<BR><BR>http://www.domain.com/product/~10/mode/~view/product.htm<BR><BR>I will map .htm to ASP in IIS, but question is how find the product.htm to begin with if the url is in a directory structure? Once I have the page running, I can parse the url string and extract the values, but is how to get it to the correct page is the problem. Thanks<BR><BR>-Ching<BR><BR>

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    i think you have it backwards.<BR><BR>many sites have the database write folders and static html.<BR>this way each time a user hits the page the database is NOT called. i think search engines perfer non query string pages too.<BR><BR>i&#039;m sure you can do what you desire with ISAPI magic, but i suggest just writing a script to make all the folders and html files for all the products you have.<BR>use the filesystem object to write the folders.<BR><BR>if you really want to do it your way you could overwite the 404 error page with your product script, but that&#039;s a lame way out.<BR><BR>

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