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    is there a specific syntax to use a variable in an IF function???<BR><BR>For some reason the code below does not work but if I replace the variable with a number it works fine<BR><BR>&#060;option value=&#060;%=(ds_color.Fields.Item("OptionID").Va lue)%&#062;<BR>&#060;% if ds_color.Fields.Item("OptionID").Value = image1color then<BR>response.write(" selected")<BR>end if %&#062; &#062;<BR><BR>I also know that the variable is wloaded because it displays the value when I write it on it&#039;s own<BR><BR>&#060;%= image1color %&#062;

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    if the OptionId field is an int you could be having a casting problem. try comparing strings.<BR>ds_color.Fields.Item("OptionID").Value & "" = image1color & ""

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