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    I want to create a query that returns 2 fields - <BR><BR>Field 1 would return the data I am looking for<BR>Field 2 needs to return the recordnumber (detemined by sorting properties) The following would be an example of what I am looking for:<BR><BR>Field1, Field2<BR>06/01/02, 1<BR>07/01/02, 2<BR>08/01/02, 3<BR>10/01/02, 4<BR>12/01/02, 5<BR>01/01/03, 6<BR>03/01/03, 7<BR><BR>What is the SQL syntax for Field2<BR><BR>Thanks!!

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    There is not any standard sql for this. It is more efficient to use a counter in your VB-script.

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