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    I was looking at the NET documentation on how to cashe data. From all the examples I have seen in it, you can only cashe a single item with a key. Is there some way to cashe an entire dataset per user(they are logged in and can get the username easily)? <BR><BR>Matt

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    This works.<BR><BR>Cache.Add("MyDataSet,objDataSet, Nothing, DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(20), TimeSpan.Zero, CacheItemPriority.High, Nothing)<BR><BR>Where I cache the dataset "objDataSet" using the name "MyDataSet" in the cache. The rest of the code are various parameters on how long to keep it in cache, removal priority, etc. You can look up the complete list of params in SDK Documentation.<BR><BR>To get it back use:<BR><BR>objDataSet = Cache.Get("MyDataSet")

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