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    This should be an easy question. I&#039;ve set-up a web server on Windows 2000 and I&#039;d like view statistics like the # of users per day or the amount of data transfer. I can&#039;t seem to find anything that provides this information.<BR><BR>There is a log file that the server creates, but I don&#039;t want to have to write a program to parse it.<BR><BR>It seems to me that there should be an easy way to view web statistics.<BR><BR>Does anyone have suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Phatty

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    this is just the thing, there isn&#039;t.<BR>You options for these kinds of statistics are:<BR>1. Parsing the log files (sucks, but most acurate)<BR>2. creating and Application variable to keep track of # of visits.<BR>3. Use VS.NET to connect to certain WEB SERVICES counters to get such information.<BR>4. Buy an app that will parse the logs for you.<BR>Personally I use 3. You do not get all the info you want, like # of visits in the last day, but you do get things like # of 404 errors since the start of the site, number of current connection. The list goes on and on and on.<BR>As I understand you can use these counters in ASPX pages as well as VB/C.NET applications.

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