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    I tried to create an ASP web page to send email from a Windows 2000 machine. I get a permission denied error when I invoke the .Send function.<BR><BR>From my research, the suggested method to correct this error is to set the permissions such that IUSR_Machine has sufficient privileges on the server. I both placed IUSR_Machine in the administrator group and checked IUSR_Machine&#039;s privileges, but the problem persists.<BR><BR>I&#039;m not even sure if I have SMTP set-up to operate correctly on Windows 2000 and I can&#039;t find any documentation to help. <BR><BR>So, I&#039;m requesting feedback on how to resolve this problem so I can successfully send email on a Windows 2000 machine using CDONTS.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Phatty

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    First and formost .. the machine must have smtp set up ... and must reside on the network which is the same or entenal to the machine sending the mail via the web.

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