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    can anyone please let me know if i have to track db changes and maintain a version control for sql databases ( sql server 7/2000 ) what do i use ? <BR>there are a few products but everyone says nice about their own product obviously. i personally have not had a chance to go through all and check. can anyone/Dutch recommend me ? <BR><BR>any hint is highly appreciated.

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    Personally I don&#039;t use version control software for sql.<BR><BR>I write everything in a test database, and move the procs/tables/whatever to the production database when ready.<BR><BR>To check between versions I created a simple proc that checks the sysobjects of both databases.<BR><BR>

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    Default I have nothing to do with it..

    .. but, the way that it&#039;s done here is through storing the .SQL files in Source Safe.<BR><BR>They only track changes on the Stored Procs.

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