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    Hi;<BR><BR>I followed the discussion below about building a table to display data from a record set, and Valerie&#039s sub did what I was hoping it would do. Thanks for posting that Valerie!<BR><BR>I do have a question for her (or anyone else).<BR><BR>Is there a simple way to re-arrange the order in which fields are displayed? I am working with a database that already exists, and the order in which the data is displayed when displaying field1, field2, field3, etc. just doesn&#039t make much sense. It would make more sense in my case to put up something like this:<BR><BR>Field3, Field4, Field5, Field6, Field1, Field2, Field7-12<BR><BR>Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!<BR><BR>Chris

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    Hi Chris,<BR><BR>In your SQL you can say something like<BR><BR>"SELECT Field3, Field4, Field5, Field6, Field1(etc) FROM Tablename"<BR><BR>The fields will be returned (and this recordset can then be stepped through and displayed) in the order in which you type them in your query ("SELECT * FROM Tablename" will simply return all fields in the order in which they exist in the table).<BR><BR>HTH,<BR>Valerie

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