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    Hi All,<BR><BR>Till now we had been running SQL Server on Mixed Authentication mode, that is, we could login to SQL Server using Windows Based Authentication or SQL Login Info like "sa" or "sqluser". <BR> <BR>In our ASP code we had always connected to the DB using a DSN and calling the DSN from the default or connection file using the DSN name followed by the login credentials. The credentials we has using till now were of a SQL Server Login <BR> <BR>uid=sqluser,pwd=kjhkja .<BR> <BR>What happens if the SQL Server is running in Windows Authentication Mode only, what do we write in the code then<BR> <BR>do we write something like uid=administrator;pwd=kjhkjhkjh like above<BR>or is there some other way of getting over it.<BR>please help in this issue.<BR> <BR>Regards<BR>

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    I believe this site has examples:<BR><BR>

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