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    Trying to load SQL7 Table from Excel File using DTS Wizard. The error I am getting is "ERROR at Destination for Row number 1189. Errors encountered so far in this task: 1. The Statement has been terminated. Cannot insert the value NULL into column &#039;cm_cust_id&#039;; column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails". <BR><BR>There are 1190 records that I am trying to insert. The column that the error message is referring has been set to "&#060;ignore&#062;" because it is an identity field. The "enable identity insert" button is checked. If the count is zero based then Row Number 1189 is the last row. <BR><BR>I have tried converting the Excel Spreadsheet to a tab separated text file & then using it to import from. I got the same problem.

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    What data type is your &#039;cm_cust_id&#039; column?

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