I have a datagrid which I am using for a web-based accounting program. Aside from account information, three columns are Expense, Budget, and Encumber (money earmarked for expense, but not yet spent). So, when money in the encumber column is spent, it is deducted from Encumber and added to expense. The whole amount can be moved (full reconciliation) or a portion (partial reconciliation) from Encumber to Expense. So here’s the rub:<BR><BR> <BR><BR>I have a lot of records, so paging is turned on. I also have the standard editcommandcolumn to allow for corrections. I then have 2 columns with buttons (1 full reconciliation, 1 partial) which hit different subroutines to move the appropriate amount. I use the OnItemCommand to screen which button was clicked (using the commandName parameter) and then fire the appropriate code in response. BUT, how do I screen out the editcommandcolumn and paging click events, since both of these fire the OnItemCommand event? EditCommandcolumn doesn’t have a commandName property , and the syntax I had been using [If CType(e.CommandSource, Button).CommandName = "PWReset"…] fails when applied to the EditCommandColumn, as the cast is invalid. <BR>