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    I have a subroutine that is in an include file with some other code. I include the .inc file in two different ASP pages. One of them runs the .inc file great, the other throws this error:<BR>Microsoft VBScript compilation error &#039;800a03ea&#039; <BR><BR>Syntax error <BR><BR>/ingrahamagain/, line 612 <BR><BR>Sub divName<BR><BR>I have run into this before. How can I resolve this? Thanks

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    see it says error on line bout letting us see line 612 and the area around it since a syntax error can be caused by many many things

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    Default Since it works in some pages...

    I would *guess* that the problem might be caused because you have *another variable* (or subroutine) of the same name in the problem page.<BR><BR>e.g., you do<BR><BR>Dim divName ...<BR><BR>and then later<BR><BR>Sub divName( )<BR><BR>is #included. KABLOOEY.<BR><BR>But there are other possible causes.

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