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    I have a RS object and use the GetString method to build a select/option drop down list.<BR><BR>My select statement returns all the columns-<BR><BR>ID PATH SubStructureOf<BR>1 root 0<BR>2 group1 1<BR>3 group2 1<BR>4 sub1 3<BR><BR>I need access to all the columns in my RS object, but when I use GetString to build the drop down list, I don&#039;t need the substructureof column. Is there some way to constrain how many columns GetString has access to, without modifying my select statement?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>

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    what about using GetRows then tossing it into an array. Then when it come time to output to a drop down output the array but dont let the array span across to the SubStructureOf Column.<BR><BR>Just my $0.02<BR><BR>-Abs<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Agree with fermented potatoes...

    (Vodka is made from potatoes; Absolut is a brand of vodka. Yeah, I know, I&#039;m sick.)<BR><BR>If this is a *huge* &#060;SELECT&#062; list, it might be worth building two recordsets. But otherwise, converting it to a 2D array and then building both the &#060;SELECT&#062; list and the other usages from the array seems best option.<BR><BR>

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