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    This is what needs to happen...<BR><BR>There are going to be a few drop down boxes on this page. The information for the boxes will be coming from a database. The trick is, the box contents will be limited based on the current selections also.<BR><BR>For example: One box could be a list of businesses. The next one would be positions. The other would be employees. The are all drop down menus. When a user selects a particular business, the next menu should ONLY allow job positions related to that business. And similarly, the selectable employees should be only those that fill the selected job in the selected business. Remember, all of this info comes from a database, and it would be preferred that the page not have to reload with every selection.<BR><BR>I know it would be fairly easy to create a dropdown box from rows in a table using your basic ASP. Or even 3 unrelated ones. But its when you have to relate the items dynamically based on table join relations that stumps me. And if you don&#039;t refresh anything, it pretty much means that you&#039;d have to load the entire table...<BR><BR>Is this possible with ASP - PL/SQL - HTML - Jscript/VBscript what have you? If so, give me some ideas.

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    Default Two basic ways:

    Server side, only:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Most work done in browser:<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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