I am running this from a stored procedure:<BR><BR>Select resource.parent_agency_name, resource.parent_agencyID, <BR>resource.resource_name, resource.resourceID, support_groups.supportid, support_groups.name,<BR>support_groups.sgcity, support_groups.day, support_groups.time, support_groups.sgbuilding, support_groups.sgroom <BR>from support_groups, org_keywords, resource <BR>where org_keywords.keyword= @keywrd and support_groups.supportID=org_keywords.org_id <BR>and org_keywords.org_type=&#039;SG&#039; and resource.resourceID=support_groups.link_resourceID order by SGCity<BR><BR>My question is with this part at the end:<BR>resource.resourceID=support_groups.link_re sourceID<BR>My question is this:<BR>Is there a way to check if &#039;support_groups.link_resourceID&#039; is null, and if so to ignore this part of the query - that is if the support_groups.link_resourceID is NULL, this part of the query will be ignored and the records fitting the other criteria will be found? I am quite sure it can be done, but cannot make it happen. Thanks<BR>