Anyone watch the Brazillian game?!

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Thread: Anyone watch the Brazillian game?!

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    Default Anyone watch the Brazillian game?!

    5-2, bloody good game.<BR><BR>Mixed feelings - England could meet them in the quarter finals, assuming we both win our next games. They came through their group with 9 points (winning all games), but their defense looked exceptionally leaky!<BR><BR>Craig.

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    ...well the first half anyway, that third goal by Junio or whatever his name is was somthing a bit special, how the hell he got a foot to that I&#039;ll never know. All in all though I thought it was more by luck than anything that Brazil didn&#039;t concede a few more.<BR><BR>I agree their back three are decidedly dodgy at the moment but there are a very attacking side and seem to be working on of just trying to bang as many of their own goals in as possible without worrying too much about whats happening at the rear.<BR><BR>The one consolation I have at the moment is that Englands back four are looking like one of the best defenses in the tournament, Rio Ferdinand has been superb, and there hasn&#039;t been any shortage of reasonable goal attempts from Owen and Scholes. Heskey on the other hand, sorry but one attempt during the Nigeria match does not inspire me with confidence. Get Fowler on I say, certainly more creative that Heskey.<BR><BR>I think it could go either way, just got to worry about dispatching the Danes first! Could so with Beckham getting back up to full form before Saturday.<BR><BR>(Just read through this before finally posting it, everyones an armchair critic aren&#039;t they?)<BR><BR>Matt

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