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    Default Decoding QueryString

    URLEncode simply encode the special character, But I need a fuction which will do just the opposite of encoding. For example <BR><BR>if the QueryString is like the following: <BR>names=mita%2Cjohn%2CLucy&phone=%2803222%29-753983 <BR><BR>then tell me how to convert the QueryString so that it looks like the following: <BR>names=mita,john,lucy&phone=(03222)-753983 <BR><BR>

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    Default There's not one.

    Not directly. However, if you do:<BR>strNames = Request.QueryString("names")<BR>Then it will be implicitly decoded...<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default If you really need to...

    explicitly decode querystrings (I can&#039;t think why though) you could stick the Javascript function unescape() in a wrapper function and call that.

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