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    I posted a message yesterday, but didnt explain my problem properly.<BR><BR>I am using Access, and I want to build a query in access (not using ASP&#039;s) to take out any apostrohes in a certain field.<BR><BR>I have the following code, which is the exact names of the table and fields.<BR><BR>Running the following code, I get a message "undefined function &#039;Replace in expression&#039;"<BR><BR>UPDATE [Temp-TableTEMP] SET [Temp-TableTEMP].CustomerCode = Replace([Temp-TableTEMP].[CustomerCode],"&#039;","");<BR>

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    Default SQL doesn't use double quotes

    So:<BR><BR>UPDATE [Temp-TableTEMP] SET [Temp-TableTEMP].CustomerCode = Replace([Temp-TableTEMP].[CustomerCode],&#039;&#039;&#039;&#039;,&#039;&#039;);<BR><BR>sh ould work.

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