I am writing a small program in C that does not run on a web server -- it runs on client machines. <BR><BR>In order to manage data, I need a very simple database inside the program. Nothing fancy, SQL is unnecessary, don&#039;t need multiple-users -- I just need multi-column tables where I can insert, delete, search, index through the rows, and have all that stuff persisted to a file in the Operating System&#039;s File System.<BR><BR>My entire application binary is under 500kb with a Windows GUI. I was thinking of using sleepycat&#039;s Berkeley DB but I don&#039;t know if (A) it&#039;s overkill and (B) what it costs to license the software if I am going to make my program publicly available (I&#039;m doing this as an individual, not a company).<BR><BR>I&#039;ve looked around google, tried looking through various FAQs under the comp.database.* hierarchy, and asked friends, but had no luck finding a good solution.<BR><BR>Does anyone have a good product matching my needs, or any pointers to where I might find a solution?