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    Hi,<BR><BR>I was hoping to query that I have columns within a table representing cities which a user initially types out. The dilemma I&#039;m facing is that for example I have one user with 3 rows of data. Now within that 3 rows are the cities he/she typed out. He/She has the following records: <BR>City 1<BR>City 2<BR>City 1<BR><BR>How do I present the data in a dropdown menu and prevent City 1 from repeating itself. e.g.<BR>City 1<BR>City 2<BR><BR>rather than<BR><BR>City 1<BR>City 2<BR>City 1<BR><BR>since City 1 already exists and makes no sense of repeating itself.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    From what I understand.<BR><BR>I would use DISTINCT<BR><BR>SELECT DISTINCT * FROM Table

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