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Thread: IIS and ASP

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    Simone Guest

    Default IIS and ASP

    Can anybody tell me how I can run ASP (for free :) )if I&#039m using Personal Web Server?<BR>Thanks!

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    Mark Molenaar Guest

    Default RE: IIS and ASP

    Hi,<BR>Well, you can run ASP for free on your own PC using PWS, but I don&#039t think that&#039s what you mean... If you&#039re looking for free ASP-hosting check out www.ewebcity.com .<BR><BR>Mark.

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    Simone Guest

    Default RE: IIS and ASP

    Hi,<BR>I mean if I want to test an ASP application I&#039ve created, and I don&#039t have NT+IIS at home, what can I do?<BR>BTW: you mean Personal Web Server? I got some problem: I can "download" the ASP pages but can&#039t run &#039em.<BR><BR>Simone.

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    Mark Molenaar Guest

    Default RE: IIS and ASP

    Hi,<BR>If you have Windows 98 you can install PWS (Personal Web Server) from the CD (it&#039s in the &#039addon&#039 folder).<BR>Once you&#039ve got installed you can run the pages from your own server (http://localhost/...)<BR><BR>Mark.

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