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    I&#039;m getting an error that I&#039;m not understanding why...<BR><BR>this line of code:<BR>document.form1.queuelist.options[a].text=direct_[a];<BR><BR>(where direct_[a] is an array.. and a is from a for loop.<BR><BR>but when the Javscript hits this line.. it tells me that it&#039;s not an object. form1 IS the name of the form, and queuelist is the name of a select box.. I&#039;m just not getting this error...<BR>

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    Default Try this:

    alert(document.form1); // this should give you Object<BR>alert(document.form1.queuelist); // this should give you Object<BR>alert(document.form1.queuelist.options[a]); // this should give you Object<BR>alert(document.form1.queuelist.options[a].text); // this might be your problem

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